As part of federal sequestration, Congress requires that all states reduce the weekly and maximum benefit amounts on all Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) claims. The Nevada Employment Security Division must reduce all weekly and maximum EUC benefit amounts by 59.06%, effective the week ending August 31, 2013.

This will NOT impact any benefits already paid for weeks ending August 24, 2013 or earlier.

To preview your estimated weekly or maximum benefit after the sequestration reduction, please use the calculator tool below.

This calculator is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee eligibility for EUC benefits or the dollar amounts shown. The results generated are an estimate for those who are eligible for benefits and remain fully unemployed in continuous filing status. The amounts you receive may change depending on circumstances particular to your claim. You must meet all eligibility requirements to receive EUC benefits.

Calculate Reduced EUC Benefit Amounts
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If you do not know your current weekly, maximum or remaining benefit amounts, you may view them by logging in to your account using the Internet Claims Filing System.

Current Benefit Program:
Select your current claim type. Choose "Regular UI" if you are still on your initial regular UI claim, but wish to see your potential benefit when you transition to EUC. If you are currently filing on EUC, select "EUC."
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Calculate reduced benefit amounts:

This option will calculate the reduced amounts for your weekly benefit, remaining beneift, and maximum benefit amounts on EUC.

Note: If you are currently on EUC, your remaining EUC benefit amounts at the time of implementation will be reduced by 59.06%. If you are currently on Regular UI, the reduced maximum benefit result for EUC will NOT reflect only the 59.06% reduction from your UI maximum benefit amount. Under standard federal guidelines, a new Tier 1 EUC claim is initially eligible for 54% of your UI claim maximum benefit, or 14 weeks of your weekly benefit, whichever is less. The lesser of the two becomes your full EUC Tier 1 maximum benefit amount, which is then reduced by 59.06% to determine your reduced maximum benefit amount under sequestration.

Calculate only reduced weekly benefit amount:

Use this alternative option if you wish to view only your reduced weekly benefit amount. This option only requires entry of the Current Weekly Benefit Amount above.

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